Hi, my name is Guzmán.

I work at startups.


These are some of the projects I have been involved with in my professional career.


These are some of the projects I have been involved with as a hobby.

About Me

I started my career flipping burgers while in high school, then became a rock star before deciding on getting some proper education at a university with a ridiculously high admissions GPA requirement.

I financed my school tuition by becoming a journalist modern day beggar (even gave an unsuccessful shot at self-employment) and doing business development for a student-run nonprofit. During the course of my studies I took part in a selective innovation management program (where we developed a crazy idea that never saw the light of day) and helped start a finance student club.

I broke into the amazing world of ever-delayed project deadlines, ridiculous valuations and big cash burn rates also known as mobile apps when I joined a very successful games studio as part of their finance team. I didn’t get to play any games, but I learned about number crunching and analytics.

My recklessness brought me to the land of Gangnam Style as an exchange student at a pretty decent school that almost no one has ever heard about, where I gave a shot at a couple of e-learning business ideas. One of them got into a government-run accelerator program and the other became a runner-up at what apparently is one of the largest hackathons in the world.

Upon graduating I joined the marketing team of an early stage Pinterest clone photo sharing site with a notable founding team. After learning about product placement and customer acquisition I relocated to the Big Smoke, where I now help disrupt the taxi business around the world.


If you want to get in touch with me feel free to reach out.